Money Works – Protecting Investment Capital Against Inflation


Welcome, my name is George (Jiri) Janousek, and I am the author of

  • our online project dedicated to protecting investment capital against inflation and making money work for us.

In 1995, I collected all my savings and moved to Ontario, Canada where I worked as a AutoCAD project engineer. After having worked in various industries ranging from industrial design, IT project management to sales, I realized that true wealth comes only when I make money work for myself instead of working for money.

Our online project was established in 2002. It first drew on my IT experience, collaborating with EU companies and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. From then on progressed with me towards capital investment as we became financially grounded.

Financial intelligence allows us to manifest and materialize our dreams. We are on a mission: dedicated to protecting investment capital. Our know-how spans 3 main areas:

  • Commodities – classic investment strategies into gold & silver 
  • Real Estate – classic investment strategies (purchase, sale, creative financing)
  • Money Markets (Spot Currencies) – progressive, speculative investment strategy
    Own trading system with reliable results